How often does Google update its listings?

A fair amount of my sites were on page one in Google for their keywords.

One was as high as number three on page one so was getting around 10 hits a day.  The other sites were mainly found on the bottom half of page one so were getting a few hits a day. Some were making the odd sale but most were making none.   They were all for 5,000 to 10,000 monthly searched keyword niches.

I check my sites each day to see where they are ranking and there hadn’t been much movement until I checked a few days ago to find most of them had all gone down the Google search enging results page (serps) on the same day.

This lead me to wonder how often does Google update its index?  I thought it was a constant process but as a lot of my pages all jumped on the same day it leads me to think otherwise.

It doesn’t really matter but it can’t help to know as much as you can about Google considering most search engine traffic comes via the big G.

Now I have the task of frantically updating my sites in the hope they will return to page one.  If they don’t make it back some will have to be cut lose to allow me to focus on the small number of my sites that are making sales.


I’ve just setup a twitter account for my affiliate marketing activities.  I’m not quite sure how it can help me but I’m sure I can get some benefit from it.

I’ve also integrated my twitter feed into this blog using a WordPress plug-in which displays the last few tweets from my account, again, I’m not quite sure how that will be of use but I will leave it for now and see if I can think of anything.

Not a very productive evening but still a big hungover from last night so taking it easy.  Lots to do tomorrow!

No Sales Today

So far April has been a good month in the world of affiliate marketing, I’d made a few  sales each day through amazon and some sales from sites that hadn’t made a sale yet.

But today I woke up and checked amazon first thing as usual to find I had made no sales the previous day.

I decided to spend my time at work focusing on affiliate marketing rather than my day job and posted on a few blogs to try and get some backlinks although most of them turned out to be ‘nofollow’.

I also singed up for Hub Pages and made two pages for two of my sites.  Not really sure how this works and it something I will look into over the weekend but at the least it should be a backlink and at the best will get me lots of traffic.

Also looked at how I could integrate twitter with a WordPress blog as this could be useful for getting people to subscribe and then return to the sites.

Someone has offered to write some content for one of my blogs in exchange for a couple of links so will see how that goes.

Finally I looked at how I could get a  ‘email this to a friend’ type tool for my sites in case someone stumbled across one of my sites and knew someone who might find it useful.

Got the next few days off work so will try and hammer as much content for my sites and do some more research on backlinks.


My efforts in the area of getting backlinks for my sites has been pretty weak so far.

I enjoy making the sites and getting them setup and ready to go but when it comes to off-page SEO I am not really sure where to start.

I signed one of my sites up to Link Share and have had a few requests which I am actioned but I found the system quite clunky and you can only sign up with one site so would need multiple accounts – one for each site.

I set up a Google Alert for my niches  and then when there is a new blog post mentioning my niche on the Internet I get an email alert and I go and post a comment on it hoping that I will get a dofollow backlink from there.  Most blogs don’t have dofollow links so not much good comes of this approach.

You can also pay to get backlinks but I am not at that point yet and am unsure of what kind of links they can get you.

If anyone wants to swap links from their site to mine and vice versa get in touch. Here are some the areas I have sites in:

  • Sportswear & Equipment
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Garden Tools
  • Grooming Appliances
  • Camping
  • Ladies’ Clothing

Leave a comment if you want to swap a link and I will email you.

Goals for April 2009

My goals for April 2009 are to earn 50 pounds in sales.  This would be a 20 pound increase on the previous month.

My other more general goals are to get all my existing sites up to scratch with more content and better on page SEO.

I haven’t really looked at getting back-links yet which is something I really need to start doing as from what I’ve read is a big part in getting a good position in the SERPs.

I’m also going to start looking into holiday affiliate programmes; I need to work out the best way to approach this area as it is different from the other items I have been focusing on.

Higher priced items is the direction I want to move into so will be having a think about that too.

March 2009 Round-up

March 2009 was my second full month in affiliate marketting.

My goal was to earn on average 1 pound per day to reach a total of 31 pounds for the whole month.

I came close with 29.45 which all came from the amazon associates programme.  I had been sending traffic to other merhcants but none of them converted.  This amount came from 50 sales which shows I am earning less than 1 pound per order on average.  If I was getting 10 pound commission per sale I would be a happy man but from what I understand promoting higher priced items is a much harder game.

My goal for April 2009 is to get 50 pounds in referral fees.  Wish me luck!

Sales for March 2009

Sales for March 2009

Today’s Progress

Went shopping with my girlfriend yesterday and she bought an item of clothing I had not seen before.  This gave me an idea for a niche so I checked the search amount on Google which was 4,400, so far so good, then checked if the domain was available.  The was gone but was not being used so I took the

Today I installed WordPress which I will be using for this site (#18) and added an Easy Content Unit which I have put in the first post which I will make sticky so it is the first thing users see when they land on the site.  All other posts will be positioned beneath.  The ECU has about 20 items ranging from £5 to £80 from three merchants.

Each post I add will be based around a single product and hopefully it will get indexed within the next few days.

This is an item of clothing that is suited for the summer and this will be the first summer they have been in UK high street stores as far as I can tell.  I’m guessing it will probably be the last too!

Also done a couple of blog posts today but nothing major.  My girlfriend is away for two weeks from Saturday so I will be making up for lost time and getting my existing sites up to scratch whilst she is away.