Anyone using PLR or Pre-Spun Content for Link Building?

Bit of a long shot but wondering if any of my readers uses PLR articles or pre-spun content for link building purposes?

I would never dream of putting this stuff on an actual site but have heard of people using it to put into systems like Unique Article Wizard and other article syndication software.

One service that has caught my eye is Article Builder but it is nearly $300 a year. But if it take the pain out of using services like UAW then it might be worth it.

If anyone has used Article Builder or something similar let me know. Also if you want to share a subscription let me know too!

Update: I’ve been using Article Builder for a while now and it seems to do what it claims. It could do with a few more categories/topics of articles but if your site is in one of the niches it has content for then you will really benefit from having all this extra content at the touch of a few buttons.

I’m using it mainly for submission into UAW and for Web 2.0s but I’ve set it to auto post to a few old domains just to see what happens.

Find out which topics Article Builder has content for by clicking here now.


  1. says

    Seems to be really good. I’ve been using the articles for UAW and Article Ranks and they are all getting accepted. I’m worried it is too good to be true and it will stop producing the goods but so far its great.

    I would like to see some more niches/topics/categories being added to it though but there are quite a few there already, just depends on what niches your sites are in.

  2. Param says

    Hi Joe, i wanted to know UAW accepts article with Article builder content?

    How unique is article builder content?

    I am interested in sharing a subscription, let me know details via email.

  3. says

    Yes UAW does accept content from Article Builder.

    I don’t know how unique it is and how often they add new content to the system. I’m not sure when you would start getting the same content if you kept generating articles from the same category.

    My only gripe is that there isn’t more categories as some of my niches aren’t on the list but UAW isn’t that fussy so I just pick the closest one.

    I also use this content for Web 2.0s sites and so far so good.

    I’m not sure if it is possible to share a subscription. Apparently you are not allowed to and I don’t know what would happen if two people logged in a the same time. Anyone tried it?

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