Anyone using SocialAdr?

SocialAdr logoI’ve recently signed up to the trial of Social Adr (affiliate link) which is an automated social bookmarking tool. It seems to be working in the sense that I submit a site and it submits them to various social bookmarking sites. Out of the sites/pages I have submitted so far most have so far been submitted to over 50 sites. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see these submissions though so doing anything to get them indexed might not be possible which is a shame.

Edit: after having a look around you can see where your bookmarks have been submitted and as they are submitted with other people bookmarks to active accounts on the bookmarking sites some of the earlier ones I checked had already been indexed.

There is a free version but you have to do some manual work. The trial I have signed up for is the fully automated AKA lazy version where you just submit the page url, title and description and it does the rest. The service isn’t cheap and the trial isn’t really long enough to see if the links actually do anything so I am not sure whether to sign up to the full version when the trial finishes.

So has anyone out there used this service? If so please let me know. At the moment I am paying $10 for a site to be submitted to 100 social bookmarking sites via someone on Wicked Fire. This does seem to be a cheaper alternative but do the bookmarks created by Social Adr count?

If you want to know more or even sign up for the trial go here: (aff. link)


  1. says

    I’ve used it before. The bookmarks do get published, however I found the index rate to be very low with only one or two different sites actually getting indexed.

    You can find the links if you put enough effort into it (either searching for a string in the bookmark description or using the username of the user that has bookmarked it and finding it on the site), but its a lot of work to do that for every account on every site – and then you have to spend more time/money getting them indexed.

    It looks good at first glance but when you see how poor the index rate is, even the logging in and pressing “submit” seems a waste of time.

  2. says

    Let us know how you get on. My trial is over and I forgot to cancel it so am now signed up. Keep an eye on the dates!

  3. says

    I’m not sure whether it “works” or not as far as affecting ranks, but it is a very easy way to get backlinks to your backlinks or just some social backlinks to balance out your site. Some people do swear by it, though.

  4. says

    Yeah, it sure is easy to use. But seems a bit pointless if it doesn’t do anything to help ranking. It’s not cheap for the full package.

  5. says

    I have seen absolutely no change yet, but it is early days for me. 2 of my bookmarks have been shared but as I only started my account on the 13th August it’s too early to tell.

  6. says

    I am using it for past 15 days, only the free version. I have got 150 submissions so far. I am doing the manual work of submitting other’s 5 book marks daily. Not sure whether it is indexed or not.

  7. says

    You must be one of the people submitting my bookmarks as I’m on the lazy version. Have you seen any benefit from using it?

  8. Thomas says

    I’ve been using it since earlier this year and have seen pretty impressive results for some of my micro niche sites. The keywords aren’t super competitive but my rankings still improved much better than with other techniques I’ve tried, like blog commenting and article marketing.

  9. says

    Hi Thomas, that is good to know, it never really helped me as far as I could tell, at least not now after the Google updates. Joe

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