My efforts in the area of getting backlinks for my sites has been pretty weak so far.

I enjoy making the sites and getting them setup and ready to go but when it comes to off-page SEO I am not really sure where to start.

I signed one of my sites up to Link Share and have had a few requests which I am actioned but I found the system quite clunky and you can only sign up with one site so would need multiple accounts – one for each site.

I set up a Google Alert for my niches¬† and then when there is a new blog post mentioning my niche on the Internet I get an email alert and I go and post a comment on it hoping that I will get a dofollow backlink from there.¬† Most blogs don’t have dofollow links so not much good comes of this approach.

You can also pay to get backlinks but I am not at that point yet and am unsure of what kind of links they can get you.

If anyone wants to swap links from their site to mine and vice versa get in touch. Here are some the areas I have sites in:

  • Sportswear & Equipment
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Garden Tools
  • Grooming Appliances
  • Camping
  • Ladies’ Clothing

Leave a comment if you want to swap a link and I will email you.

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