Web 2.0s for Link Building

Taking things a bit too far!

My next mission is to start building some Web 2.0 type sites like Sqidoo and WordPress which will link to my sites.

In the recent past I have bought a few jobs from fiverr.com and hired people on Odesk to build my Web 2.0 link wheels and pyramids but they tend to be only one page using spun content.

My plan now is to build 10 or so good Web 2.0 sites with about 5-10 pages on each one. I will add videos and images to make them look a bit more like a real site rather than just a spoke in a wheel. I’ll put a link on each of them to my main site but I won’t interlink them.

Once they are setup I will then get some backlinks for the Web 2.0 sites I’ve just made in the form of forum profiles, blog comments, social bookmarks, article submissions and other Web 2.0 sites.

Hopefully these big Web 2.0s I’ve made will act as buffers so I won’t have to send low quality links directly to my main site.

I think people have been doing this kind of thing for a few years now but I’m hoping it still works to some degree.

It also sounds like something I could hire someone to do for me when I get around to hiring a virtual assistant (as they like to call them).

Any one else doing this? What Web 2.0 sites are you using?

Funny stuff: http://www.cliconomics.com/how-to-suck-at-internet-marketing/

Outsourcing link building with ODesk – Update

Since my last posts about ordering some link building through ODesk I’ve had about 5 or 6 jobs completed. Each one has been for 120 forum profile backlinks to a different one of my sites. The jobs all went through smoothly but I have had trouble getting the new links indexed. I’ve tried pinging the list of urls to the profiles but it hasn’t seem to have done much.

I’ve tried to look for the backlinks by using http://www.backlinkwatch.com/ and the Yahoo site explorer but for some of my sites only a few of the links that have been built show up and for others none of these links show up.

This is a bit disappointing as it seems to be slowing the whole process down a lot.

But on the upside two of the sides I have had links built for have moved up the SERPS shortly after their links were build. One was in the bottom half of page one and moved to number two in Google and the other was at the bottom of page one and moved to number seven on page one in Google. It might be a coincidence but the timing is pretty bang on.

Time will tell if the other sites get the same boost.

In the meantime I have been ordering more links for my other sites and also trying to do more blog commenting to try and improve my backlinking efforts.

Outsourcing link building with ODesk – First Job Finished

I just received an email from the guy who I had contracted to build me 120 links using the Angela & Paul packet service thing via ODesk.

I got sent an Excel spreadsheet with links to 120 forum profiles and in each profile my website was given as the users website with the anchor text I had provided.

I have checked to see if the backlinks have been recognised yet using the http://www.backlinkwatch.com/ website but I guess it is too early for them to show up. I will be keeping an eye on this and seeing if my site moves up in the SERPS. It is currently at number two after recently being knocked from the number one spot it had held for a over a year.

I paid $11.11 for these 120 links. I’m not quite sure where the Angel & Paul packet part comes into play but I’m pretty sure I could do this myself if I had the time and the inclination.

I’ve got another order of the same but for another site currently being worked on by another contractor so will see whose work I like best before picking one. Or maybe I will use them both.

At the moment this is the only link building method I am using part from the odd link swap through the a4u forum.

I will report back once the links have settled.

Has anyone else used this kind of link building method or do you know of any other link building methods?

Outsourcing link building with ODesk

After reading about the link building services offered by some of the freelancers that use ODesk I decided to sign up and see if I could procure any of their services.

I have just had my first job accepted and am now waiting to see what happens next.

I am after some of the Angel & Paul packet links but am not too sure exactly what this means so need to look into it.

Will report back when the links are done and see if it makes any difference to my sites in the serps.

If anyone has any tips on how to work with people via ODesk to outsource backlinks please let me know.

Back to work tomorrow…

Buying Backlinks

I have never really been able to find good backlinks.  I’ve done the odd link exchange and blog comment but apart from that I’ve just relied on on-page SEO. 

Most of my sites are in small niches so this method has done me OK so far.  My sites either rank OK with content and on-page SEO or they don’t.

But as I’ve recently started outsourcing content writing I thought I would have a look buying some backlinks.

The first place I am trying is http://www.socialmaximizer.com/

They allow you to chose how many sites you want to get your site bookmarked at according to your budget and then they take it from there.

I have just ordered £13.81 or $20 worth of links which is about 100 of them for one site.

The site is in the bottom half of page one in Google and according to http://www.backlinkwatch.com/ has backlinks from two websites.

I will report back when the backlinks start to show up and see if it does any good or not.

Have you used any backlinking services?  How did you find them?

Paying for Backlinks

I’ve been pretty bad at getting backlinks for my sites.  Some of them rank well without them and others don’t but it has never compelled me to go hunting for backlinks for my sites.  I do the odd link exchange via the a4u forum and have tried blog posting but it is so time consuming and often comes to nothing.

Recently I saw an advert on a forum for 100 social bookmarking backlinks for $25.  Turnaround was reported as 72 hours.  There were lots of good reviews of the service so I thought ‘why not?’.

I placed my order picking one of my sites that is about five months old and has never ranked well.  It is currently on page seven off Google although the other day it was on page three.  My order has now been processed so I will sit back and wait for the backlinks to be indexed.  If the page rises in rank beyond page three then I will probably get this done for some of my other sites and start including the £12 as part of the cost of setting up a new site along with the domain name.

I will report back in the next week or so with how the site is doing.

Update: http://www.backlinkwatch.com/ is showing 107 backlinks.  Most of them however don’t have any anchor text so not sure how effective they will be.  The site is now on page two in Google and is number 17.  So far so good.

Update: on page four now.

Going Back to Old Sites

Due to my impatience to find the perfect the niche I have left a fair few of my older sites by the way side if they didn’t rank well or make sales in their first few weeks.  Today I decided to go back to a few of them and give them some more content and add the new on page SEO techniques I have picked up over the months since those sites were created.  Will it do these sites any good?  Who knows but I guess I will find out in a few weeks.

Does Google keep down sites that are updated after being created with minimal content and pages and then left for a few months?

Does Google look more favourably on sites that were indexed with a good amount of pages and content and were updated regularly ever since?

I guess there is no way to know.

I’ve also spent a few hours today trying to get backlinks for my top two ranking sites.  They are both number two in Google behind an Amazon product page and I have heard Amazon product pages can be overtaken fairly easily as the product pages don’t tend to have many backlinks.  I don’t know the best way to get backlinks so my time was spent looking for dofollow blogs I could leave comments on.  I know you can buy backlinks but I wouldn’t really know where to start when looking for a firm that do this.   Has anyone had any luck in buying backlinks or knows how to get them for free?

My previous post was an attempt at creating some link bait.  I saw the big breakfast challenge information posted to a few websites I read so thought I would add the information here and see if I got any traffic from people searching for it.  Luckily that post got indexed the very same day and was on page one in Google for related search terms.  This got me a couple of hits but as I’m not really selling anything I don’t have much to gain from doing it and it was more of an experiment.


My efforts in the area of getting backlinks for my sites has been pretty weak so far.

I enjoy making the sites and getting them setup and ready to go but when it comes to off-page SEO I am not really sure where to start.

I signed one of my sites up to Link Share and have had a few requests which I am actioned but I found the system quite clunky and you can only sign up with one site so would need multiple accounts – one for each site.

I set up a Google Alert for my niches  and then when there is a new blog post mentioning my niche on the Internet I get an email alert and I go and post a comment on it hoping that I will get a dofollow backlink from there.  Most blogs don’t have dofollow links so not much good comes of this approach.

You can also pay to get backlinks but I am not at that point yet and am unsure of what kind of links they can get you.

If anyone wants to swap links from their site to mine and vice versa get in touch. Here are some the areas I have sites in:

  • Sportswear & Equipment
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Garden Tools
  • Grooming Appliances
  • Camping
  • Ladies’ Clothing

Leave a comment if you want to swap a link and I will email you.