Great Niche Finding Video

A good blog I’ve recently stumbled over is Nate Rivers’ Stay Blogger site. One of the latest posts is on the topic of finding good keywords to base an amazon product niche site around. In the 10 minute video he uses Market Samuari to quickly find a seed or root keyword for his site and then selects some additional keywords for the other pages that will make up the site. Its the opposite of what I do which is to write pages on individual products rather than more generic keywords. I think I like his idea better and will be giving it a try on some of my existing sites.

Its not rocket science but if you are new to affiliate marketing to want to be reminded of how easy it can be to find keywords to build a site around have a look.

Hopefully he won’t mind me embedding the video here but you can also view the video any accompanying information on his blog at:

What do you think? Too simplistic or a good way to research niches?

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