Is Cloaking Affiliate Links to Amazon Illegal?

I just read a scary post on this blog about a guy who got his Amazon associates account (and his Adsense account) banned. The reason for the Amazon ban seems to be because he was cloaking his affiliate links which is against their new TOS. Anyone else heard of this?

“In addition, you must not use a link shortening service in a manner that makes it unclear that you are linking to an Amazon Site.”

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    Im guessing its to stop twitter spam etc, I’ve seen a few such as “one direction tickets available here” and a short url which then redirects to one direction products on amazon.

    Obviously this creates lots of clicks, low conversion rates, etc.

    I’ve not read the post though so not sure what he has said. I cant imagine using would be a problem – afterall, its not a URL shortening service. Even then, they arent against using link shortening, just using it in a way that is unclear. I would imagine the conversion rate is the biggest flag for this.

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    I would disagree and say you should always use the url to comply with their terms. That’s just the way I’ve read into it before.

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