Link Authority Case Study

About a month ago I started using a fairly new link building tool called Link Authority. I decided to do a little test or case study if you will to try and see how effective this new tool is. You can read the first post here: Link Authority Test.

Alternative to Build My Rank

Link Authority works a bit like Build my Rank in the sense that you write unique 150+ word articles and then submit them into the system. Each article or post of 150 to 300 words can have one link in it and posts over 300 words can have up to three links in them. Your article gets posted to one site and you get one (or three depending on the length of the article) link from a site with Google PageRank of 2 or more back to your site. So as you can see Link Authority is a good alternative to Build My Rank especially now BMR is no longer accepting new members.

Low Starting Costs

It costs nothing to sign up with Link Authority and then you can either add one of your sites with PageRank of two or more to the system which will then get articles posted to it and earn you credits to use for submitting your own articles. Or you can pay for credits. The cheapest option is one credit a day for a month which will let you post one article a day for a month and cost me just $12.

How Did I Do the Test?

So I signed up for one submission a day for $12 and set about writing lots of 150 word articles on my niche topic. It was quite tedious so I decided to write about 10 in one go and then submit them into the system. This meant I would have some breathing space between writing the next set of articles and wouldn’t have to do one each day. If you don’t use your daily credit it gets wasted; you cannot roll them over to the next day so if you don’t have an article in the system you will lose a credit each day until you have an article in there to be posted. I didn’t add any new content to the test site while doing the test or do any other backlinking for it.

Unique Content Only

I did try submitting a few bits of spun content but the system rejected it so I didn’t bother with trying to trick LA. I just wrote the articles myself to begin with but after I while I tried hiring people on Odesk to do the dirty work for me. I hired a few people to write 10 articles for $5 as this seems to be the going rate for Build My Rank articles but the standard wasn’t that great. A few articles were rejected for not being well written and most people took a long time to deliver. I am still looking for writers and checking a few people out but for the most part I write them myself. It only takes about 10 minutes to write and submit a 150 word article. Submitting them takes almost as long as writing them!

Affiliate Programme

While I had those 10 articles in the system I left it for a while and then when I logged back in I saw they had all been posted in a day or two. I was a bit surprised but soon discovered this was because I had managed to get some affiliate sign ups from this blog and they had submitted sites into the system. For each site they submit I get one extra credit per day. This meant I could post up to five articles a day now and this caused all my articles to get posted in two days!

I managed to get quite a few people to sign up using my link but only two people added sites to the network so my daily quota was set at five. Thanks to whoever you are for signing up and adding sites!

Scheduled Posting

After that I made sure I scheduled the posting of the articles so that Link Authority would only post one article a day. This is easy to do by setting the publish date for each article at the point of submission.

Early Signs Looked Good

After a few days I checked the ranking of my site for the two keywords I was targeting and was pleased to see it had moved up the SERPs. This seemed pretty quick but I checked the posts I had submitted into LA and they had been indexed so it seemed plausable. You can see the update post on the test here.

At this point I was happy with the service and decided to start promoting a few of my other sites using this tool. I continued with the test, posting one new article a day for the test site but also started posting one new article a day for four or five other sites.

As time went on I saw the test site was ranking quite well so I decided to target a few other keywords with the aim of ranking for a few more terms and also in the process mix up the anchor text so it didn’t look too spammy to Google.

Link Authority Test Results

Well the 30 days is up and I have posted 30 articles to LA for the test site. The Google PageRank of the site your article has been submitted to is displayed in Link Authority but if you want to find the site itself you have to Google a sentence from your article to find it as it is not made available to you in LA. I guess this is to try and keep the network private. The PR for the test site submissions range from 2-4 and the average was a Google PR of 2.7.

Out of the 104 articles I have submitted into LA so far for this site and the others I am using it on the PR breakdown is this:

  • PR 2: 39
  • PR 3: 45
  • PR 4: 19
  • PR 5: 1

I am happy with that for the price I have paid although I’m not holding my breath for a PR7 or higher!

Anyway that is all well and good but what about the ranking of the site?

When I started the test I was just tracking two keywords.
On February 7 2012 my starting stats were:

  • Main keyword: #3
  • Plural of main keyword: #6

On March 7 2012 my finishing stats are:

  • Main keyword: #1
  • Plural of main keyword: #1

This is great to see and the site is now getting lots more traffic and making more money. As I mentioned I started adding other keywords into my links to mix things up a bit and overall the site has moved up in the SERPs for those keywords too. The site is now number one for five keywords that it was targeting. You can see a screen shot from the SERP tracker I use, Advanced Web Ranking, to see how the site has moved around during the last 30 days:

Link Authoirty Test Results

Link Authoirty Test Results

Downsides of Link Authority

You have to write unique 150 word articles for each post which can get tedious quickly! This can be outsourced however it isn’t that easy to find good writers in my experience. Search for BMR article writers on Odesk and as they can do articles for LA.

Like other home page link blog networks, once the posts move off the home page you may see a drop in the ranking of your site. This can be counteracted by continually posting links into the system. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of doing this. If I did this for the test site and was paying $12 to LA for one posting credit a day and paying a writer $15 per month for 30 posts I would still be making money as the site, when at number one makes more than $27 per month.

There isn’t an outsourcers dashboard. With BMR you can give someone access to your account so they can only post articles. This would be great to have in LA as you could totally hand over the reigns and let someone else get on with posting. Otherwise you have to post the articles yourself which although being quick is a task you still need to do. You can still give people access to your account but it could be risky in terms of them having too much access?

You can’t easily set posting rates. I’d love to be able to give each site/project a daily quota limit of its own. That way I could set site #1 to post at a rate of three articles per day and site #2 at a rate of 10 per day and so on. At present this isn’t available and the system just posts as many articles as it can in a day. You can get around this my setting the date of when each article is posted but this is quite tedious.

Update: today I emailed the LA support desk to ask if they planned on adding a way to set the daily posting allowance quota for individual projects and they got back to me in a few hours with this response:

We are currently rebuilding the core engine to release it out of beta. Yes we may introduce this.
In the meantime the way the system works is first in first out – So you can add 2 to a project then another 2 to another project then another 2 to the first project etc

This would stop you from entering dates

That is about it for the negatives. Nothing really substantial there.

Link Authority Positives

My sites movement up the SERPs is good and speaks for its self in my opinion. The service is cheap and if you submit some PR sites into the network it is even cheaper. I’m going to stop posting articles and building links for the test site and see if it remains number one in Google but even if it doesn’t it has been a cost effective process.

If you want to sign up for Link Authority you can do so by clicking here now.


  1. says

    I did add a couple of sites Joe, so it may have been me! Only one was accepted though, the other ones PR was too low. I have since removed both though, for a couple of reasons:

    1. The articles that were placed on my decent PR2 site were dross, and not related to the subject at all;
    2. More scarily – although I can’t prove it – the site that was accepted had some malware installed on it that re-wrote the htaccess files on my site. This may be a co-incidence of course (it was a site I bought and transferred so can’t completely vouch for it) but I took the precaution and removed it.

    I didn’t see any movement for the keywords I tracked, but I may consider trying the service again, but paying this time.
    Andy recently posted..Two Web Hosts I’d Happily Recommend

  2. Warren says

    Hi Joe,

    Have you searched for any of your articles to see if they have been posted on relevant sites? That is my only worry but apart from that it looks quite good and I may give it a try.

  3. says

    @Andy – if you expected relevent posts, you havent read anything on the LinkAuthority website. If you have any domains that you care about, I wouldnt put them into any network, develop them yourself instead. If you want quality, relevent and unique content – try MyBlogGuest instead. There is a review on my website (its free and there is no affiliate program, so totally unbiased).

    As for the malware, I’ve got 3 sites in the network – none have any problems. I doubt anyone in their right mind would spend so much money on a network to then ruin it before its even really started by spreading malware. All the posts are manually approved as well so no chance of anyone else sneaking any exploits in. Probably just coincidence.
    Shane recently posted..Guest Blogging For Backlinks & Content

  4. says

    @Zinedine: yes I am starting to think that way too. Just need to find a reliable Link Authority writing who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg!

  5. says

    @Warren: no they don’t seem to be posted on relevant sites, at least not the ones I check, most seem to have pretty broad categories/niches on them.

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