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In my last post I asked if anyone has used Link Authority. In that post I mentioned how I was going to add one of my old blogs with PR to the site so that I could get credits in return but it turns out the blog I was thinking of has been downgraded and is only PR1.

Cost of Link Authority

After looking at the pricing I saw that for a one month subscription the cheapest options is $11.64 which is about the cost of two to three pints of beer or $0.32 per link. This only gives you one credit or submission a day but it should be enough for me to test this new link building service out.

I’ve Signed Up

I’ve signed up and am going to test this service on one of my sites that was previously at number 1 in Google for its main keyword and the plural derivative of it but since the Google updates of October 2011 it has now dropped to #3 and #6 respectively.

My plan is to submit one 150 word article a day into Link Authority targetting these two keywords as well as a few variations on those keywords to mix things up a bit.

You can submit more than one article a day but only one article will be posted to their network (unless you subscribe with a daily quota). I just did my first one and it took me 10 minutes to write so I am confident I should be able to do at least one submission a day.

3 Links Per Submission

You can also submit articles which are over 300 words long and you can put three links in them. If you do this you could link to three different sites which might make this service even more cheaper as you are boosting more than one site per credit. Do multiple links from one article have much SEO value?

If the site moves up the rankings I will easily make back my money and will then try the tool out on some more sites. If not its less than a tenner wasted and five hours of my time.

Starting Stats

The site is an exact match domain and the keyword in the domain is the main keyword. As of Tuesday 7 February 2012 my site ranks as follows:

  • Main keyword: #3
  • Plural of main keyword: #6

I’ll report back in a month with any changes and possibly in-between with my thoughts on this tool as I go along.

Quick update: my first post has been submited and accepted and is on a PR3 site according to the Link Authority report. Pretty good for $0.32!

If you want to sign up with Link Authority you can do so by clicking here now.

If you want to find all the posts in this series I have used this tag: Link Authority Test.

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  1. says

    I’m looking for an alternative to back linking instead of Fiverr. Sites like Link Authority seem like a better choice from a search engine perspective. I’m going to give this a try myself. I’ll report back.
    JC recently posted..Niche Site Questions?

  2. says

    Look forward to hearing how it goes for you. I’m not sure if 30 links in 30 days (cheapest deal) from Link Authority will be enough for me but it will be interesting to find out.

    It is basically the price of two fiverr gigs (plus all the writing you have to do).

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