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Has anyone got any experience of making sites for Google Adsense? I think the idea is you build a site much in the same way you would for an affiliate site but then put Google ads on it instead of affiliate links.

I’ve been hearing good things from a few people doing this and am keen to jump in and have a go myself but would like to hear from others that have tried it.

I’m at the stage of find a niche to work in and then will be building a big site around it so its early days at the moment.

Anyone had any luck with this type of internet marketing?


  1. says

    Just something to bear in mind… the latest Google algorithm change (the Content Farmer update) seems like it was targetted at these kinds of sites… Worth bearing in mind?

  2. Ian says

    Have you thought about building a site that that offers something of value to people instead?

    I’m not dissing your idea but the thing with a MFA site is that you have to create every single bit of content and beg, steal or pay for every link you get – there is no natural growth.

    I have been seeing the growth of recently, people recommend and share books – each one then links through to amazon with an aff link. A nice idea and one which initial promotion could grow and take off naturally. Here is the link to how the guy built it in 4 weeks –

    There are lots of things you could do based on your interests. I know you like weight training so a site set up just to host training journals and progress pics could work well with links through to different supps companies and food companies, gym equipment etc.

    If you want ‘quality links’ (referring to many of your previous posts) then you need a quality site that provides something of use. If you go down the MFA route then you are going to have to make do with the craplinx that you hate so much.

  3. James says

    I’ve played with it and it seems like the usual route is to have 100’s of sites making £1-£2 a day – which is obviously mind numbingly tedious to setup and you’ll never know if Google will pull the plug on you (MFA sites are technically against the rules).

    Agree with Ian, creating something of value is really the way for long term stability and profitability. What is the hard bit.

  4. Dan says

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Ian (though I have said it on here before). It’s about time people started creating sites with the users in mind, not their bank ballance.

    The 100’s of thin, link stuffed sites is not the right path anymore, that day is gone and Google is wise to it. Create useful content and Google will reward you no end. Not only that but it will be a stable business, not one waiting for a Google bitch slap.

  5. says

    Yeah, you guys are right.

    But its hard to take that leap of faith into the unknown and try and make something people will like and might want to use.

  6. says

    Joe there will always be someone out there with a similar interest. If you feel you have a good idea or unique angle then go for it. What do you lose, some of your time and a small bit of money trying. You never know it might pay off.

    With adsense sites, I think its all about the traffic and providing a resource. People want to find something so you give them as much as you can but leave the wanting more type of thing. This is mostly going to be about unique content to get the traffic, unless your resource can get regular visitors coming back for more.

  7. says

    I tried a couple when I first started, decided against them in the end. I was making around £5 a day from 10-15 sites, but sold them all off and decided to concentrate on affiliates sites.

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