One Page Sites Can Still Make Money

A while ago I noticed one of my sites that was performing well was getting a bit of traffic from a related keyword in the same niche for which it was not optimised i.e. there was not a page on the site targeting that keyword.

Now a normal person would probably build a page on that site about that keyword with the aim of getting the site to rank better than it was already for that keyword. This should increase the amount of people coming to the site after searching for that keyword as opposed to the few that were finding the site from page 3 of the SERPs.

Exact Match Domains Still Rule

Instead I decided to buy an exact match domain featuring that keyword and starting a new site. At this time I was still in the mindset of having lots of little sites and buying domains whenever I could. This was because even a year ago it was pretty easy to rank an exact match domain with just a few pages on and I still subscribed to the more sites is better than just a few approach.

How Many Pages?

That new site I setup is now number one in Google for its target keyword and is getting about 20 hits a day. This isn’t loads I will admit but the products range in price from £50 to £150 so an average sale can bring in about £5. It makes a few sales a month but the best part is the site, made using WordPress, consists of just a post on the home page that is about 500 words long and has an Easy Content Unit at the top and a related Youtube video and image further down and another page of about 500 words on a related topic/product. It also has a privacy policy page.

What About Link Building?

I have done a bit of link building using Link Authority but have only sent about 5 links it’s way but each link is from a site that has a Google PageRank of 2-5.

Can One Page Sites Still Make Money?

I have a few other sites like this that do make a few quid per month but as you can see it isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. However, if this was for a product that cost £500 or even £1000 then it would be a different story!

I still think having a few bigger sites targeting lots of keywords is the way to go but if you are just starting out then this shows you could get up and running quite quickly with a small site that does make some money. Then I would advise you to reinvest that money on adding more pages to the site to try and get it ranking for even more keywords.

In fact I am going to do what I probably should’ve done in the first place and add a page to the first site targeting this keyword. It can’t hurt to have multiple sites in the Top 10 can it? They are on separate Hostgator hosting accounts.


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    I have many 1 page sites ranking well – unfortunatly most arent designed to make money. When I reg a domain I normally throw an article up on it (either single HTML file or wordpress install). Then after a few months/years when I get around to deving them, they are ranking somewhere. I’ve also done it with a few domains which I’ve then decided not to build on, but because the domain was already ranking managed to sell it for more than if it hadnt.

    I also bought a site a few months back which was a 1 page site. Paid £600 for it, the site was making around £50 per month (only paid so much as it was a decent domain and already ranking for several terms. I expanded the site out into a site which is now 50 pages or so of unique content and redesigned the site totally. Its now making me around £150 per month. Goes to show that while a 1 page site can make you money, once it does, put the money back into it and expand it out.
    Shane recently posted..Link Authority Review

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    The key (at least for me) was to stop looking at the £2-3 commission products and start looking higher. I have around 5 sites which make £25+ per sale and make a sale or two per week. Doesnt sound a lot, but 5 sites doing 6 sales per month is £750 per month.

    That said, I still have sites making under £5 per sale which makes up a nivce chunk of my income. I have a site which makes around 50p per sale. Makes a handful of sales per month, then come Christmas it makes several hundred sales (nov + dec it made me just under £300, probably made £10 0ver the rest of the year).
    Shane recently posted..Link Authority Review

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    Are those high rates of commission for things like ebooks or physical products still?

    I’ve tried to do a site on high end electrical goods that get about £20 per sale but competition if fierce!

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    from those 5 – 2 are “health”, 1 is software, 1 is sports equipment, 1 is electronics. also have similar sites Im working on in a variety on niches. Never had any luck with ebooks.

    Also have a hosting site which is working pretty well. Only making a couple of sales per month, but they are decent and repeat commissions. Given a year or so it should be making a decent amount though.
    Shane recently posted..Link Authority Review

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    When I buy a domain I’ll try and get one page on content on there as it’s a great way for t to start ranking ven if I’m not going to develop it for a while. Sometimes it’s nice to find that it will get straight onto page one of SERPS with minimal work.

    Yes, it’ll need more work, but it’s nice to know that an exact match domain and one piece of content is bringing visitors in.

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