Buying Backlinks

I have never really been able to find good backlinks.  I’ve done the odd link exchange and blog comment but apart from that I’ve just relied on on-page SEO. 

Most of my sites are in small niches so this method has done me OK so far.  My sites either rank OK with content and on-page SEO or they don’t.

But as I’ve recently started outsourcing content writing I thought I would have a look buying some backlinks.

The first place I am trying is

They allow you to chose how many sites you want to get your site bookmarked at according to your budget and then they take it from there.

I have just ordered £13.81 or $20 worth of links which is about 100 of them for one site.

The site is in the bottom half of page one in Google and according to has backlinks from two websites.

I will report back when the backlinks start to show up and see if it does any good or not.

Have you used any backlinking services?  How did you find them?

Paying for Backlinks

I’ve been pretty bad at getting backlinks for my sites.  Some of them rank well without them and others don’t but it has never compelled me to go hunting for backlinks for my sites.  I do the odd link exchange via the a4u forum and have tried blog posting but it is so time consuming and often comes to nothing.

Recently I saw an advert on a forum for 100 social bookmarking backlinks for $25.  Turnaround was reported as 72 hours.  There were lots of good reviews of the service so I thought ‘why not?’.

I placed my order picking one of my sites that is about five months old and has never ranked well.  It is currently on page seven off Google although the other day it was on page three.  My order has now been processed so I will sit back and wait for the backlinks to be indexed.  If the page rises in rank beyond page three then I will probably get this done for some of my other sites and start including the £12 as part of the cost of setting up a new site along with the domain name.

I will report back in the next week or so with how the site is doing.

Update: is showing 107 backlinks.  Most of them however don’t have any anchor text so not sure how effective they will be.  The site is now on page two in Google and is number 17.  So far so good.

Update: on page four now.


My efforts in the area of getting backlinks for my sites has been pretty weak so far.

I enjoy making the sites and getting them setup and ready to go but when it comes to off-page SEO I am not really sure where to start.

I signed one of my sites up to Link Share and have had a few requests which I am actioned but I found the system quite clunky and you can only sign up with one site so would need multiple accounts – one for each site.

I set up a Google Alert for my niches  and then when there is a new blog post mentioning my niche on the Internet I get an email alert and I go and post a comment on it hoping that I will get a dofollow backlink from there.  Most blogs don’t have dofollow links so not much good comes of this approach.

You can also pay to get backlinks but I am not at that point yet and am unsure of what kind of links they can get you.

If anyone wants to swap links from their site to mine and vice versa get in touch. Here are some the areas I have sites in:

  • Sportswear & Equipment
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Garden Tools
  • Grooming Appliances
  • Camping
  • Ladies’ Clothing

Leave a comment if you want to swap a link and I will email you.